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Best Thing to do In Canggu

What to do in Canggu Bali?

Hearing the name of  Bali certainly will not be foreign anymore as the Island of the Gods. Bali holds many interesting places to visit, Bali is synonymous with paradise for lovers of water sports, such as surfing. Can you guess where in Bali there is  a place that is now a favorite of surfers, yoga lovers and even families and young people? The answer is Canggu, an area in North Kuta that has recently become a popular and trendy place to visit. For tourists who are not familiar with the name of Canggu, they may not know much about what places to visit in Canggu. The location of Canggu which is still on the coast creates its own attraction. The beach on the coast of Canggu have enough waves to challenge the surfers. Not to forget also for those of you who are living the a healthy life, Canggu will spoil you with many cafés that serve organic food menus.

Let’s take a look at the places you can visit in Canggu!

Go Surfing

With many, Bali is surfing. Canggu has waves suitable for surfers of every level. Motorbikes with surfboards attached driving towards one of the beaches ready to hit the waves, you will see these throughout the entire day. Expect surfers to be on their boards at 6 AM and can definitely get crowded quickly.

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Echo Beach

Hearing the word of beach will certainly make you imagine the sound of the waves and the distinctive smell of the sea. The beach does have its own charm that can hypnotize tourists wanting to visit again and again. One of them is Echo Beach Canggu, this beach is located not far from Batu Bolong Beach, it only takes 5 minutes to arrive at Echo Beach, along the way you will see the beauty of rice fields that can spoil your eyes. Some tourists who have visited Bali are certainly no stranger to this one beach. At Echo Beach you can find a very beautiful beachside restaurant. Echo Beach can be one of your dinner choices with your partner or family. Also, healthy foods is available here and dirty places will not be found here. 

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Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is one of those things you must do in Canggu. The Pura Tanah Lot Temple complex is a famous religious site located on top of a rock formation. Although Tanah Lot is extremely popular with foreign visitors throughout the whole day, Balinese people still come here to worship the Bali Sea gods. Sunset at Tanah Lot is what made it such an iconic place for Bali. The sea turns to gold and the light shining on Tanah Lot is incredibly picturesque.

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Well, here are some recommendations for places you can visit if you are going on vacation or plan to visit the Canggu area. For those of you who like to display photos on social media, Canggu is the right choice for you to visit, if you want to make your social media feed look aestethic. Canggu is very well developed, and has become a destination for tourists, for those of you who want to invest in the future, can contact us without hesitation. Are you confused looking for a place to stay in Canggu area? We are ready to help you by providing several choices of villas or comfortable residences with the best deals.

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