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Best thing to do in Gianyar

What to do in Gianyar Bali?

Bali has been crowned the best island of various surveys. The natural wealth, culture, cuisine and friendliness of its people make tourists fall in love. Not to mention, Bali seems to continue to add to the list of reasons travelers must come to Bali. Many new natural attractions were discovered and new tourism activities were promoted, so there is no reason not to return to Bali, again and again. Do you have a plan to vacation in Bali? Maybe the City of Gianyar can be your choice for this vacation. The city of Gianyar is a city famous for various kinds of Balinese culture. Most Balinese artists come from the City of Gianyar. In addition, the City of Gianyar also has many tourist destinations and tourist attractions that are interesting to visit for tourists who vacation on the island of Bali.


Curious to know  places that you can visit in Gianyar? You don’t need to worry, we have prepared a number of places that can be your choice in Gianyar City.


Bali Zoo

Start the most important meal of the day with our adorable Orangutan at their playground. Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but breakfast with Orangutan? That would be one kind of an experience!. The first in Indonesia, Bali Zoo launched a unique Breakfast with Orangutan experience. Now, guests are not only able to enjoy breakfast like a king, but also with kings of the jungle: Orangutans.


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Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park lets you get up close, touch, feed and view several tame birds from a number of different species, as well as admire rare and exotic collections in each of their dedicated enclosures.

Each individual enclosure and aviary has an information panel that lists the common and scientific names of the specimen, their origin and species, as well descriptions that help you gain a deeper understanding of the birds.

The Free Flight Bird Show lets visitors marvel at the characteristics and abilities of some birds of prey and other creatures in the collection. Typically, magnificent eagles, owls and macaws soar through the skies, dive down at dummy prey, and snatch food from their handlers to the amazement of the audience.

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Melasti Beach

Melasti beach is a new beach in Bali after the government make the access road to reach the beach by cutted the limestone hill and today still under construction. It just attract many tourist’s heart since the beach offering the white long coast, wide horizontal line view and great view from the top of the limestone hill.

Melasti beach name taken from ‘Melasti’. It’s mean a Hindu Balinese purification ceremony and ritual which held several days prior to the Nyepi (The Day of Silence) holy day. It was categorized as ‘hidden beach’ because it’s located in the back of limestone hill and you need to climb down hundreds of stairs to access the beach. But, today the government build a way to access to the beach.

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