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Best thing to do in Sanur

What to do in Sanur Bali?

Do you have plans for a vacation to Bali with your family, friends or partner? You don’t need to be confused to decide where to go. Sanur can be one of your vacation destinations. This place in Denpasar has a quiet rural feel, which will make you feel comfortable exploring this place. The main attraction of Sanur Bali is its location on the beach. The beach has become a tourist attraction which is still popular with tourists. Every beach in Sanur has a variety of impressions. Starting from the beach that has white sand, the beach has black sand, and the number of does street vendors offering a variety of delicious dishes.

Here are some recommendations from us that you can visit in Sanur!

Pura Blanjong Temple

Pura Blanjong Temple displays one of Bali’s oldest known artefacts, which dates back to 914 CE. It’s a stone pillar with Sanskrit inscriptions, and believed to be some sort of victory monument, chiefly of King Sri Kesari Warmadewa. The first king of the Balinese Warmadewa dynasty, he was believed to have installed Bali’s first formal government. Blanjong Temple also showcases sandstone statues of Hindu lord Ganesh and various animal figures. The temple is a national cultural heritage site and welcomes visitors year-round

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Bali Kites Festival

The annual Bali Kites Festival takes place at Padanggalak Beach, located on the northern end of Sanur. It’s one of Bali’s major provincial calendar highlights, preceding the Bali Arts Festival. On this day, you’ll see thousands of traditional kite troupes and youth groups transporting their gigantic kites to the beach using large trucks. The kites usually have wingspans ranging between 5 to 10 metres.  Bring your camera to take photos of the sky speckled with hundreds of colourful kites, though the process of take-off and landing are just as exciting, with the troupes manoeuvring in their droves

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Sanur Beach

The coastline of Sanur spans around 8 km from north to south, between the coastal border of the Gianyar regency and southern Denpasar’s mangrove forest. You’ll enjoy several notable Sanur beaches that are connected by a paved footpath.  The walkway provides a nice jogging track and scenic cycling routes. Starting from the southern end, Sanur beaches include Mertasari Beach, Semawang Beach, Pantai Karang (Reef Beach), Segara Ayu Beach, and Sindhu Beach. The footpath ends at Grand Bali Beach, one of the most popular coasts on the island

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