pura batukaru bali objek wisata tabanan - Best thing to do in Tabanan

Best thing to do in Tabanan

What to do in Tabanan – Bali?

The island of Bali has diverse destinations, ranging from natural, cultural, religious, to culinary tourism. With a worldwide reputation, Bali has always been a choice of vacation spots, both for local and foreign tourists. If you are on vacation in Bali and want to enjoy a very soothing rural atmosphere, Tabanan City, located in West Bali, can be your destination when you are on holiday in Bali. Tourist attractions in western Bali are indeed a tourist destination for those of you who like a beautiful atmosphere, for tourists who want to eliminate fatigue with an urban atmosphere filled with crowds. The rural atmosphere that is now rarely found, will certainly make you want to visit the city of Tabanan.

Curious of the places that you can visit in Tabanan City? No need to worry, because we will provide you with several tourist destinations that you can visit in Tabanan City.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

Bali Botanical Garden is a unique place on the island of Bali which combines botanical research, plant conservation, education, and recreation. Here we can relax and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness while learning the benefits of many kinds of plants, such as plants for medicines, the plants for ceremonial purposes (materials to make offerings in the Balinese Hindu religion), and other various tropical rainforest plants and bird life.

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Pasut Beach


Pasut beach, is one of the popular beach in Tabanan. This beach has a soft black sand and gentle waves. Many palm trees planted in the sea shore that beautifies the atmosphere at the beach

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Vihara Dharma Giri

At Vihara Dharma Giri, there is a sleeping Budha statue built so big and magnificent. There’s no charge to enter the temple, but this area forbids you  to use shorts but wear trousers. If you forgot to use trousers, they provide a fabric so you can use it as a long skirt.

Vihara Dharma Giri - Best thing to do in Tabanan

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